Totally not paying for this account next year.

Confess the first two things you bought from Amazon.

The latter first -- it was a required text for an art class I took at Washtenaw.

The former -- why the hell that book? All I can remember is somebody mentioning how awesome Amazon was and looking for something to buy to test it out. Again, why the hell that book? I have no idea. I recall reading a couple of chapters and then tossing it aside. Also note that with shipping it cost $9.54; more than rolling down to Barnes and Noble would have. (Not sure if Super-Saver Shipping existed at that time.)

Books: October

  • Personal Effects: Dark Art by J.C. Hutchins and Jordan Weisman: This is a mystery novel that Mer gave me for my birthday; with the book are a bunch of "fake" documents (driver's license, credit cards, various legal docs, etc.) that contain email addresses and websites that are supposed to supplement the reading experience. The story was certainly interesting and was a fun read, although it contained a few Mary Sue/Poochie-type characters; the problem was that the extra materials didn't allow you to "solve" the mystery, it just gave you some extra background in different forms of media. Still, I enjoyed it.

  • Shadows in Bronze: A Marcus Didius Falco Mystery by Lindsey Davis: Julie had given this to me as an anniversary gift; it is the second in the Falco series and is just as good as the first; in essence, this is a noir detective story set in the days of the Roman Empire.
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    Wait, What? November

    I didn't read anything in November? What the hell was I doing? Waiting for vacation, I guess. At least last month I could have posted about the crap I read in October, which still has not been done. I'd declare it National Apathy Month, but I just don't feel like it.

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    Poll #1470915 Halloween Colors

    Is purple a Halloween color?


    Why is purple a Halloween color?

    It's not, so stop saying it is.
    This only happened in like the last twenty years or so.
    The only reason it might be inculded is because it's the closest color to "black."
    It's always been a Halloween color.
    Shit BONERZ

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    So the Julie and I went to Sushi Nara, billed at Michigan's ONLY (or maybe by now 1st) conveyor-belt sushi restaurant. It works exactly how you'd figure -- plates of sushi roll by your table and you pluck what you want from it. First a little sign rolls by with the name and the type of roll, and then the small covered plate o' sushi. It's full of variety, reasonably priced, and was pretty tasty on top of being fairly amusing.

    Behold, the greatest sushi roll evar!